Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Wedge - adj. strong, well-built, hench, buff...
e.g. Schwarzenegger is wedge.

"Nah man, I'm well wedge now, innit!"
"What does 'wedge' mean?"
"Allaiii, Sir, it means like strong, you know."
"Oh I see, and do you know why you use the word 'wedge'?"
"Um....cos it means hench?"
"No, why 'wedge' in particular?"
"What is a wedge?"
"Like a doorwedge?"
"Right. What shape is that?"
"And what shape is a wedge?"
"Yes. Like a strong person with broad shoulders tapering to the waist."
"Oh yeah! I geddit! Sir, you're so clever!"

No I'm not. I'm just being fastidious about irrelevant linguistic quirks.