Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Blood on the Class floor

It's hoped that the inanities of the younger students have worn off by the time they're doing their A-levels. Or at least that the process of sitting (and passing or not passing) GCSEs would filter out the really crazy ones from the Sixth Form.

A couple of days ago, RF arrived to his Spanish A-level lesson quarter of an hour late and proceeded pierce his (previously whole) right earlobe with the earring from his left. Blood, commotion, disruption ensued. Bizarrely, RF was annoyed that the teacher told him off and then still chose to remain in class dabbing at the bloodied table-top with a tissue and holding a makeshift compress to his ear.

Thursday, 6 January 2011


IN and HA are whispering to each other across the room. Very animated hand gestures, excited facial expressions - these year 7 girls still haven't cottoned on to the fact that it's very easy to spot students communicating during a test.

A note starts to make its way across the classroom - two sheets of folded paper in fact.

Me: Pass them here. This is a test.
IN: No, Sir, it's okay - we're not cheating.
Me: Of course not.
HA: Nah seriously, Sir, nah, man, nah we're not cheating!

I get up and take the folded paper from the messenger who currently clasps it nervously - torn between disobeying a teacher or 'snaking out' his classmate.

I open it up expecting a note of some kind - answers or gossip.

Instead it's an article expressing outrage about the latest EastEnders controversy involving the cot death baby story! You mean a vocab test ain't as riveting as this?!