Thursday, 6 January 2011


IN and HA are whispering to each other across the room. Very animated hand gestures, excited facial expressions - these year 7 girls still haven't cottoned on to the fact that it's very easy to spot students communicating during a test.

A note starts to make its way across the classroom - two sheets of folded paper in fact.

Me: Pass them here. This is a test.
IN: No, Sir, it's okay - we're not cheating.
Me: Of course not.
HA: Nah seriously, Sir, nah, man, nah we're not cheating!

I get up and take the folded paper from the messenger who currently clasps it nervously - torn between disobeying a teacher or 'snaking out' his classmate.

I open it up expecting a note of some kind - answers or gossip.

Instead it's an article expressing outrage about the latest EastEnders controversy involving the cot death baby story! You mean a vocab test ain't as riveting as this?!

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