Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Ernst Gräfenberg

Year 9 class.

A (girl): What's a G-spot?!
MM (boy): Hurrrgh hurrrgh.
A: Shuttup - what is it? Stop talking about it!
J (girl): It's a thing girls have. It's here. (pointing at the middle of her stomach).
A: What does it do?
J: Not much, I dunno.
D (boy): It's cos girls don't have a...
Me: Excuse me! Do we have to discuss this now? Get back to your work.
A: But SIIIIR! I don't know what a G-spot is....
Me: Stop shouting out 'G-spot'!
A: But Sir! Just tell me! The boys keep talking about it and I don't know what it is! (chanting) G-spot! G-spot! G-sp--
Me: Sit back down and be quiet. I don't want to have to call home and repeat what you've been shouting about in my class down the phone to whoever's at home!
A: It's fine, Sir, my mum doesn't know what her G-spot is either!

How do I even get into these situations! I'm trying to avoid the topic and it leads to this!

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James Appell said...

comedy gold. if this wasn't true i would have assumed you'd lifted it straight out of a sitcom.