Monday, 27 September 2010

Ber tings happenin

Mandems in da hall cos S and H were ber fightin cos H decked S in balls n den S is like ber hench so he like picks up H and proper slaps him and den H proper switches on S and he's swinging at him but S grabs his arms like dis and den der on da floor and den Miss comes up to separate them yeh? and S knocks her over cos he's basically da same size and den he freezes coz he clocks dat Miss smacked her head on da lockers so he goes over and stops fighting and picks her up and den turns around and carries on fightin with H again n den the Principal runs ova and separates dem but she forgot her blackberry on da table and B picks it up and is like "finders keepers" but den he got told to put it back down and got in trouble even tho he didnt know it was the Principal's.

But why did H and S start fighting in the first place?

Cos it's Slap-A-Forehead Day today.

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